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From our students …

I have long held belief in the knowledge that we are what we eat, think, and repeatedly do, influenced equally by those with whom we chose to surround ourselves. I choose to feed my body, mind and spirit with real food, positivity, and the like-minded spirit of my yogis at Fire Horse Yoga, where, beginning in 2009 I have been both a student, and the massage therapist until 2016. The very bricks and mortar exude a calm, tranquil Zen-like embrace. I’ve attended other yoga studios in other cities, and none compare to the intention, support and welcoming sanctuary of Fire Horse. How fortunate I am to have just celebrated my 70th birthday having the health benefits of the genuine, caring, positive intention found in the practice of yoga at the lovely oasis that is Fire Horse Yoga. Much love and appreciation specifically to my original yogi-friend, Tina Drew and current owner Lydia Lagenour. Yoga is an integral part of my health and vibrant enthusiasm for life; try it your body will thank you. Namaste.
— Lyn Blume, student