Common Misconceptions About Yoga

Yoga is a lot of things, but it’s not just anything. Here are some common misconceptions about yoga that deserve a rethink.

1. Yoga is (merely) exercise.

2. Yoga is just stretching.

3. Yoga is girly.

4. Yoga conflicts with my religion. 

(Yoga is accessible to the practitioners of any or no religion.) 

5. You have to become a health food nut, stop drinking alcohol, and give up all your material belongings.  

6. Yoga people are all [insert adjective here].

(Not all yoga people are fit and healthy.

Not all yoga people are white and affluent.

Not all yoga people are hippies.

Not all yoga people are minimalists.

Not all yoga people are young and lithe.)

7. Your body already has to be flexible.

It may be easier to describe what yoga is not

It is not a competition.

It is not a beauty contest.

It is not without a system of ethics.

No matter your physical, spiritual, or dietary background, there is a form of yoga out there for you! Commit to your practice and allow yourself time to experiment with the different styles. There is bound to be a type that speaks to you!